Sunday, 29 May 2011


#  He wears the pants in the house – under his apron.
#  He has two chances of winning an argument with her, slim and none.
# She leads a double life – hers and his.
  # He comes right out and says what she tells him to think.
  # She does not have to raise the roof, all she has to do is raise an eyebrow.
# The only time he opens his mouth is to ask her for the apron and the vacuum cleaner.
# He always has the last word – he says, “I apologize”.

Who is a Hen-pecked Husband? 
One who listens to whatever his wife says? One who has no mind of his own, no opinion and no say in any issue? One whose wife decides everything and one who is only the financial provider? I have come across this term many times. Are there such men who allow the wives to walk all over them? 
Astrological View on this different attitude

As you know SUN, JUPITER and MARS are the only MALE planets according to JYOTHISHYA SASTRA.  If they all found in LIBRA sign in a Man's Natal Chart his behavior is undoubtedly "HEN-PECKED". So beware of those people having this hurdle, don't ashamed of it. The manufacturing of your birth makes you act like that. There is no escape. 
Try to overcome it ......... So Astrology got remedies.
Otherwise there is no solution for any problem in astrology science.

A doormat wife may be like she sits in the house fasting for a long life of the husband and waiting for him to have dinner. She often gets beaten up by her husband but instantly forgives him. As a wife she has no freedom. Her freedom being restricted she has no word in any respect of her life. She unquestionably accepts her husband's say in all family decisions. The woman always utter my Husband  forever and for all encounters.

Influence of RAHUVU(North Node)

All western Technology or Languages comes very easily depending upon the percentage of aspect of RAHUVU in your Natal Chart. Internet Browsing is very easily adoptable and you may make new ventures with Western Countries like friendship to Business. The Influence drives you towards English Language and Technical related with Hardware or Software. The impact is more if you born on 4, 13, 22, 31 dates of any month.

Pictures, Visualization of Ideas, Emotions, Sensations and Indications to Future Life occurring involuntarily in the Human mind during sleep. According to Astrology "North Node" is influencing dreams, If the planet happens to be in 5th House of the Natal Chart. Saturn or Neptune focuses on Fantasy Visualization. Mars gives Sexual implication to the dreams. South Node gives the Intuition or Spiritual inclination in the dreams.

If KETUVU aspect is more you're simply use Left Hand more than Right Hand. Depending upon the parameters you may learn or speak URDU and may marry Muslim Girl. At least you may have more Muslim friends in your circle. The aspect drives you towards use of left hand or connections with Muslim community. The Impact is more if you born on 7, 16, 25 dates of any month.
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Thursday, 26 May 2011


Govt. of India approved the legality of surrogacy through parliament amendment due to supreme court of India Judgement in Manji's case 2002. Even though legal since the judgement day, the Indian Council for Medical Research has given Guidelines in the year 2005 regulating Assisted Reproductive Technology procedures. Practically the surrogacy means 'An arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a child for another couple or person'. Here the mother is called as 'Genetic Mother'. According to astrology, the Mother(Moon) or significant ruler falls 'Neecha' or 'Debilitated' dignity. 

If you go through the procedure the Genetic Mother receives the semen(Frozen State) in an artificial insemination method. According to arrangement delivered child left with Father or with the parents(another couple), this predicts in astrology that such children born are to be live far from motherhood in general or from parents in particular. Otherwise Mother may die after death of child and father will take care of the growth of the child. Besides these two there is one more prediction, which is reserved due to decency factor. Anyhow I'm revealing the indication for the sake of knowledge or education.

This is not new to the Astrology, In Mahabharata, Kunti did the same before marriage and after marriage with the approval from her husband PANDURAJU. And also teaches the procedure to her sister "MADRI". Due to this "Upa Pandavas" are not survived for long and demised before their parents.
Here mother before conceiving the child has illegal contacts with another person other than her own husband. Here you can remember the "Tarasasankam" story from Vedic Purana s. Mercury is born due to illegal affair between MOON and Jupiter wife TARA. This story reveals many more secrets to us in resolving the Jyothishya Sastra. 

In the surrogacy cases children born are in specifically in "Anuradha" Nakshatra. In other cases in "Jyeshta" Nakshatra. In very rare cases child birth comes in 'Visakha' Nakshatra, it can be studies separately depending other aspects from the Natal Chart. 

Above prediction comes good for all lagnas except SCORPIO and PISCES lagna. With these Lagna's Moon signifies Father and G.FATHER respectively. So here Ascendant intervention is required to get clarified. 

Monday, 23 May 2011


The 12 parts of 360* around you rules your every hour of your daily life. Its astonishing that the "ASTROLOGY CONCEPT" revolves around 12 signs, 7+2 planets in different compositions and combination effectively for centuries. Every Department in our life is shown with different parameters without any fault and mistakes. The fully known live person of this subject is till today is none. That's the wonder the cosmic science is still under the "MIGHTY GOD'S" grace. The realization of one's soul is a boon from the GOD, even though it is bitter experience. The Super Benefic Planet "JUPITER" aspects another Benefic Planet "VENUS" in any chart gives the advantage of "SELF REALIZATION".(you can refer many books for this prediction). 12 parts are called once as signs and same was called as houses in another dimension again same 12 parts called as bhavas. So like wise every planets is called differently depending upon the lagna placement. In general  Moon is known as Mother and in some cases known as Father or Grand Father. So its typical for a layman to understand the subject. But it is a tough subject needs more attention and concentration plus 'GOD's' grace. If you're well versed with the subject GOD will give the "KEY", so you can analyze the Natal Chart in seconds. Otherwise it is a uphill task for every Astrology known people. Further GOD gives the key relating to his own life and not for other lives. But once the formula known to you you can apply the same on different charts in order to give at least 50% predictions. Hence it is my request to learn the subject by each and every person or at least get counseling from well versed SATWIC Astrologer.


Sunday, 22 May 2011



Since the origin of life on the earth drought for peace or self satisfaction arisen. This is due to the division of 'MAN-WOMAN' category by GOD. The unborn GOD himself exemplified or shown as "ARDHANAREESWARA". God's right is MAN, Left is WOMAN. (you can view the below imaginary image)

The differences of superiority complex of 'RIGHT' & 'LEFT' gives the origin of life on universe. All of us were playful toys in the game played by the "MIGHTY GOD". All of us incarnation of GOD to fulfill the complex in different situations and parameters. Even the so called gods of 'RAMA', 'KRISHNA', 'HANUMAN', VINAYAKA' etc., like many are "SPLIT PERSONALITY" of the "MIGHTY GOD". Yourself is also a split personality or "AMSA" of the "MIGHTY GOD". You can't imagine the real "AVATAR" of the "MIGHTY GOD".
The struggle of superiority complex continued with the generations (YUGAS) on the guidelines of "MANU SMRITI" and under the influential amsa's of the "MIGHTY GOD" as planets in this "ASTRO SCIENCE" or "JYOTHISHYA SASTRA". The karma of earlier life makes way to new life with different atmosphere and body to fulfill the completion of the "SUPERIORITY COMPLEX" game. 
In this context "RIGHT" cheats "LEFT" gets "SHUKRA DOSHA"  and "LEFT" cheats "RIGHT" gets "KUJA DOSHA". Cheating itself got many ways. So one who makes measurable loss to other got the credit of cheater. This again described in the "MANUSMRITI" as the true relation between Male & Female.  
SUN as "SOUL", MOON as "MIND", MARS as "ENERGY", JUPITER as "WISDOM", MERCURY as "INTELLIGENCE", SATURN as "GRIEF" and VENUS as "SOUL-MATE". RAHUVU and KETUVU are the stalwarts of Family Tree of the ASCENDANT. Born person is male, SUN, JUPITER, MARS are probable friends. Like wise If born person is Female, VENUS, MERCURY, SATURN are supporters. North & South Nodes(Rahuvu & Ketuvu) acts as Past Life Stalwarts or Ancestry Leaders directs their ambition or indebtedness through the born Ascendant. All these planets based on the merits & demerits of your earlier life gives the advantage or dis-advantage to complete the original game of "RIGHT" & "LEFT". Besides above significance, the planets also represent many variations subjective to "LAGNA" placement and "Time of Birth".
In this concept of ASTROLOGY planets do take retro motion to give advantage to the ASCENDANT. This indicates earlier family members has realized the mistake they have done. In order to give rectification advantage to their family. Practically in ASTRONOMY no planet takes retro motion. Only with the view of "ASTRO ANGLE" one can imagine or visualize the ASTRO SCIENCE.    


Saturday, 21 May 2011


Astrology is not superstition. Not even close to superstition status. Astrology is a language involved with mathematics and logic of imagination. Its not related to Astronomical planets. Its just concept involving Planets rotation calculations from astronomy. It's an super duper language unable to read or write. It gives the satisfaction up to the thirst and get it resolved. No one scaled the language till today. Any astrologer can't give complete 'diagnosis" to your Natal Chart. Because only your memory makes the way to the ultimate. In fact earlier kings and emperors maintains an astrologer for generations to fulfill their quench. Now a days it is not possible to the Astrologer to focus the three generations of your family tree. Hence you're the right person to learn or counsel the subject with a good astrologer and satisfy your thirst. Unless the predictions given without your family knowledge is a waste of exercise. Visit to Astrologer is not for soothing words or getting good words about your future life. As the Great "RAMANA MAHARSHI" told "KNOW THY SELF". Its your duty to know and make the future generations leads good life as per or according to "M A N U S M R I T I ".

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