Sunday, 29 May 2011


#  He wears the pants in the house – under his apron.
#  He has two chances of winning an argument with her, slim and none.
# She leads a double life – hers and his.
  # He comes right out and says what she tells him to think.
  # She does not have to raise the roof, all she has to do is raise an eyebrow.
# The only time he opens his mouth is to ask her for the apron and the vacuum cleaner.
# He always has the last word – he says, “I apologize”.

Who is a Hen-pecked Husband? 
One who listens to whatever his wife says? One who has no mind of his own, no opinion and no say in any issue? One whose wife decides everything and one who is only the financial provider? I have come across this term many times. Are there such men who allow the wives to walk all over them? 
Astrological View on this different attitude

As you know SUN, JUPITER and MARS are the only MALE planets according to JYOTHISHYA SASTRA.  If they all found in LIBRA sign in a Man's Natal Chart his behavior is undoubtedly "HEN-PECKED". So beware of those people having this hurdle, don't ashamed of it. The manufacturing of your birth makes you act like that. There is no escape. 
Try to overcome it ......... So Astrology got remedies.
Otherwise there is no solution for any problem in astrology science.

A doormat wife may be like she sits in the house fasting for a long life of the husband and waiting for him to have dinner. She often gets beaten up by her husband but instantly forgives him. As a wife she has no freedom. Her freedom being restricted she has no word in any respect of her life. She unquestionably accepts her husband's say in all family decisions. The woman always utter my Husband  forever and for all encounters.

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