Shirdi Sai Baba

Jupiter is known for "Religion, Dharma, Philosophy, Ambitious, Independent, sanctity, Helpfulness" etc,. By combustion with Sun ie) Atma karaka makes the Ascendant leads the life on the above characteristic way. If the same ascendant chart the above position of combustion happened along with South Node (Ketu) leads the life in reserved ideas of unorthodox way. For such person any one helps through cash or comfort they get negative treatment, becoz of the "ketu" involvement. Such persons like to live in poor conditions at times without the shelter. This is normally people behave when their natal chart above situation happens. If the dignity of the planets falls low, the problem is more visible. But these people shows the way of high standards in treating every human being is equal to God. Their aim is "Service to Mankind is equal to Service to unborn God". They neglect the Shrines, Temples etc,. They love all living beings including Animals, Plants, Birds etc,. Some times they speak with animals and plants. Such is the power they got with them by birth. According to "Jyothishya Shastra" Jupiter combustion is more beneficial to the ascendant. But it should be in good place in the natal chart. Otherwise self humiliation is more during the living term. Later Sun "Kshetragna" will take credit and make him Super Human.

Here we can see the Natal Chart of Shirdi Sai Horoscope:

In the above chart you can see the combustion of Jupiter, Ketu with SUN in the 10th House from lagna. The Birth of Sai itself happens in the "Moola" Nakshatra (Lord: Ketu). Janma Nakshatra is Poorvashada Ist charan. 

Natural Zodiac Wheel 10th house is happens to be Jupiter's fall. This may technical point of earlier life, ie) Karma. But in the material world Jupiter parameters were very less to the Ascendant. At the same time 7th House Lord is in retro position. This shows that the ascendant is far off from "Grihastu Dharma". Further to the problem the major 5th house lord "Mars" is in Neecha dignity. Hence he is not eligible to enjoy the marital affairs. On the whole the combustion is makes him good to live longer and remained as man made "God".