Sri Sathya Sai BABA

Astrology Basics

These are the facts is well known to the Astrologers, remaining others try to learn the subject as it is. Hence I'm presenting the analysis in step by step method.

1. Every Natal Chart indicates both Ascendant and Descendant.

First 6 houses supports ascendant (RISE) and second 6 houses to the Descendant. Thus one way or other descendant is working for your SET (death).

2. Sun is the Lord of Ascendant and Venus is the Lord of Descendant. That's why Ascendant is also called as "Rising Sign".

3. As descendant Lord Venus also indicates Wife, Money, Fine Arts, Enemy. His group consists Saturn & Mercury as best friends. He is natural Lord for 'kalathra' stana.

4. As ascendant Lord Sun also indicates Soul, Father, Head of the Family, Government, Public etc., His group consists Jupiter and Mars. All the three were "Male" by gender.

5. Sun, Jupiter, Mars are male by gender and forms as a group against Venus, Saturn and Mercury group as per "Vedic Astrology". This notion is general and got very importance in all individuals.

6. As per Vedic Astrology 'INCARNATION' concept works good. According to this a 'JEEVI' is incarnation of 7 avatars. These avatars comes as unborn GOD's qualities. His bravery as MARS. wisdom as JUPITER, intelligence as MERCURY, love & affection as MOON, griefs as SATURN, soul as PARAMATMA(himself), and enemy as VENUS.

7. If Birth Star may be any one of the 27 stars. But at the time of his death 'MOON' should be placed at 1, 3, 5, 7 constellation from the Birth Star. ie) Janma Nakshatra takes 50:50 chances, Third from Janma Nakshatra infiltrates or gives danger to the Ascendant, Fifth from JN prolongs or gives death/sickness to the sick persons, 7th from JN gives ultimate moksha or death to the people of long life indicated. These are extracted from PARASARA writings.

Each & Every life in this universe is a 'SPLIT PERSONALITY' of unborn GOD.According to the VEDA's or old scriptures. The AVATAR so came out for Rescue has one or two good things in him. He never came as full fledged GOD. That's why he was imagined as "ARDHANAREESWARA" or some beyond our thoughts. Here I'm attaching the horoscope of "SAIBABA" popularly known as 'PUTTAPARTHI SATHYA SAI BABA" as per my analysis........

The person "SRI SATHYA SAI" soul, ie) SUN combusted the enemy group of MERCURY, SATURN and VENUS. Thus he was elevated  to the level of 'GOD' with his success over enemy(left). Thus the affection or love comes naturally from him more than 100%, hence he made more services to the Human beings. That is the mark, soul gaining the separated powers of the true god by combustion clause in the ASTROLOGY science. May be due to the strain in gaining the power soul friends lost their grounds in the race. Jupiter found in debilitated stage, Marsh is in Retro position. This indicates that victory of indebted soul may be unorthodox way . Hence the soul again came to fulfill the gap of Dharma representing JUPITER. Hence BABA made lots of service to the people as per KARMA balance.  Further it is victory over 'TAMO' and 'RAZO' Guna, so he is more SATWIC. Hence it is a rare Natal Chart with this qualities of gaining powers. May be this is reason behind the miracles "BABA" made. It is once again proved that every life is a GOD, unless life gets good karmic relations in his past life. And further proved that the way of doing spiritual teachings is overtaken by the kind services to universe. He is man born in "SUKRA Moudyam" that too along with natural friends of MERCURY, SATURN. So this is the reason behind the success of "SRI SATHYA SAI BABA".

According to 'HINDUISM', no auspicious program will not be performed. During this combustion SUKRA planet turns malefic and will not make the ascendant to marry or happy married life. For the BABA 8th house also represent SUKRA, hence at the time of his death Venus is in exalted status. Further the death also marked when moon is in VENUS owned star "POORVA SHADA". Anyhow SOUL is enjoyed the benefit of life with "SUKRA MOUDYAMI", by taking the powers of VENUS by combustion. Physically BABA enjoyed the life and served more people than one can expect as a normal human being. The death as recorded may be false in my opinion because during that period both SUN and VENUS in exalted position. To my knowledge to compromise the BABA's death, SUN represents TRIKA sthana, so the death may be to the favor of BABA.  As the JUPITER in debilitated sign the rebirth of BABA soul is possible as per PARASARA SAMHITA.